Nisa Muhammad

Educator    Researcher    Activist


“My Lord, increase me in knowledge” Quran 20:114

Nisa Muhammad is the Assistant Dean for Religious Life at Howard University.  She is responsible for religious programming that serves the various needs of the campus, advocates for the religious needs of a diverse student population, teaches non academic personal enrichment classes on the Islamic tradition and works closely as part of the staff in the Office of the Dean of the Chapel where the guiding principles are Faith, Service and Justice.  Her other responsibilities include organizing the Muslim worship and devotion services, counselling and advising students, faculty, staff, and responding to a myriad of questions and challenges from race to religion to relationships. Her work organizing the summer Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School program is highly accomplished and reaching national acclaim.  She is the advisor to the Justice for Juniors Advocates Organization, and the Muslim Students Association.  Mrs. Muhammad does amazing work with young Muslims by helping them strengthen and affirm their faith in the midst of challenging circumstances like being Black and Muslim, deciding between dropping out to be a better husband or finishing a degree and how to become more religious in a world of temptations.  Her door is open to all students who find their way to her chair with questions as well as concerns about life, love and the pursuit of happiness at the Mecca as Howard University is known.

"People are more in need of knowledge than food and drink because they only need food and drink once or twice a day - but they need knowledge with every breath they take!" Imam Ahmad


“Knowledge enlivens the soul.”  Imam Ali


The Journal of Islamic Faith and Practice is a new, online, double-blind, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal published by Indiana University and sponsored by the Islamic Seminary Foundation (ISF). Produced annually, this journal commits itself to promoting academic and professional research about recent developments in American Muslim communities. In doing so, the Journal aims to provide a platform for scholars, students, and researchers to exchange their latest findings from varied disciplines. Therefore, one of the key aims of the Journal is to foster dialogue between academics, researchers, community leaders, chaplains and students regarding Islamic faith and how it is practiced in America.

“Seeking knowledge at a young age is like engraving on a stone.”

Hassan al Basari



Race, Religion and the Media, International New Horizons Conference, Tehran, Iran 2015.  Speaker


Empowering Youth with Quran and Sunna, The Prophet, The Quran, and Islamic Ethics Conference,

Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal 2016.  Speaker


Islam and the Black American Conference:  From African Fruit to American Roots  Howard University 2017. Primary Organizer


Black and Muslim:  The Intersection of Race and Religion, Harvard Divinity School Ways of Knowing Conference 2017. Speaker


Empowering Black Muslim Students for Success:  What Chaplains Can Do

Respect Graduate School Islam in America: Civic and Religious Youth Identities Conference 2017. Speaker


Empowering Youth with Quran and Sunna, African American Islamic Summit: Building a Coalition of Virtue, 2017.  Speaker


Interfaith Engagement on College Campuses, Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, Canada

November 4, 2018.  Speaker



Knowledge is not what is memorised. Knowledge is what benefits.

Imam Shafi'i


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Without knowledge, action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.”  Abu Bakr Siddique

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